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Luxure Boudoir

North Carolina Boudoir Photographer

It's hard to look in the mirror everyday and still see myself 30 pounds heavier and pizza-faced, and think it's no wonder my husband left me. But now I know that's not the truth. I've lost the weight and I AM beautiful, even if my husband isn't here. And it's his loss.


This was so out of my comfort zone, but I never once felt out of place during my session. It was perfect!


There are not enough words to say how incredible this experience is! From getting hair & makeup done, to the actual shooting, I loved every second!


I believe every woman should do one of these sessions. It was such a fun and exciting thing to do!


My photos turned out AMAZING. I'm SO glad I chose Melissa to do this session for me!


I'm not the typical boudoir body type or even sexy personality, at all. But she made me feel beautiful and sexy in my own right! Unforgettable experience and lovely pictures that my hubby adores!!